Who we are?

Cambodia Halal Tourism is Islamic Tourism for travel and tour belong to Cambodian Muslim, Halal Tourism Is a main sector can lead an important role to support the Muslim community as our services will delivered direct to real condition of local Muslim industries including hotel, restaurants, car rental services, and many others services, your travel with Cambodia Halal Tourism is considered a sacrifice of your value effort and budget in the purpose of strengthening the Muslim economy, it is much better for Cambodia Halal Tourism can stand to survive your travel peacefully and Halal trusted, our working group of Muslim youth as a professional experience in leading the halal tourism guide, fluently communicate of English, Arabic, Malaysia, French .

Moreover, Talk abut the humanitarian assistance trip we have set up a trustee specialized team to manage your program smoothly and harmony.

Taking this opportunity we would like to call on all Muslims in the world who wish to visit Cambodia including with the traditional Muslim villagers who called Malayu Champa, although for the private trip, students group, field trip, or for the humanitarian assistance, we are very warm welcome and ensure that you’re travelling will be much attracted.

The Halal tourism does not mean at all to visit the holy places , or go to the Hajj and Umrah, halal tourism means travel and hotel accommodation , for people who would like to spend their holidays in a more conservative , or family , or religious , or all three together , and of course most of come to us to join for our trips are people who are believers want a family safe -free liquor and pork , but we must not forget that the hotel I’m also offering all services , such as traditional hotels , such as the sea, the city, the mountains, and other types of sedation , and entertainment, as well as flights excitement the thrill ; therefore, the doors are always open for people who want to spend their holidays in an atmosphere like this, we ensure that you get the type of local and international Halal cuisine with100 % hygienic and delicious.

The best chance with Cambodia Halal Tourism, you can visit the unique position of traditional Muslims in Cambodia and their actual living. talk about how the tourist atmosphere in Cambodia you will visit the world heritage of Angkor Wat and other hundreds of ancient Temples of Khmer Along with the resort and its manipulation in all provinces across the country Besides , you can also invited to visit the very old mosque building of Muslim communities with its age more than 200 years old, some has been broken in the genocide of the Pol Pot regime , and some have remained until now.