What is Halal Tourism?

The halal tourism , or called Islamic Tourism is a new market emerged under the umbrella of the tourism industry , and the evolving day after day until he became an important part of the global economy , a kind of recreation as an alternative tourism regular addressed to Muslims , in other words : tourism wife designed for All the people who live their lives according to Islamic law and principles , Muslims make up a large part of the global population , they are on the increase , and Muslims today want to live their lives , and enjoy Batlathm is consistent with Islamic law , as is the case for other aspects of life , such as : transactions banking , nutrition, etc., and of course this is their right, at the present time it is almost impossible to judge the Muslim holidays are suitable for their beliefs , both in tourist villages , or cities , or the mountains, gliding on the ice , or various types of hotels , and the hotels halal tourism , differ in that from the other ; where no offers for tourists where only services ‘m only ; this kind of hotel does not offer only halal food , and is prohibited inside the final sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages , or dealt with , and for worship there is a mosque and chapels , and most of the hotels I’m contains pools , steam room , sauna , and separate gyms for women than men ; making it a suitable place for family recreation for people conservatives.

In recent years, succeeded this alternative tourism in successfully entering the global tourism industry , and the increasing demand for them from year to year , and this is not a coincidence ; while the size of the tourism market in Islamic by 4.8 % , and accordingly to the rhythm of the dynamic development in this area is Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia , Singapore, one of the countries chosen by the Muslims of the rest of the world , and has become the most favored tourist destinations for tourists Muslims.

The halal tourism in Cambodia is less well known compared to other countries , and is still in the growth phase , and our association is the first Islamic Society take this approach , which is the only department that directs its work to the Islamic tourism , or Halal tourism.

Our goal – above all – is to organize holidays and flights with high quality for those who live according to Islamic law , is consistent with their beliefs and values .