Turkey focus on strengthening Cambodian Muslim Education

In order to make a feasibility study of Hostel building  for Cambodian Muslim, in the afternoon of February 17, 2015, the delegation of Turkey headed by Hamza AYDOGAN Director IPEKYOLU invited to meet performances courtesy talks with Cambodian Muslim top level.


Mr Hamza AYDOGAN, “said, Institute IPEKYOLU have 12 branches across Asia, including in Kazakh Mogolistan, Ozbekistan, Kirgizistan, Tacikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, which today has a branch office temporarily in Cambodia and the Central Branch of large multiple places in the city, all right, right of Istanbul, Turkey as well. Mr Hamza AYDOGAN mentioned that “the purpose of inviting Meets at this time in order to ask for coordination of HE Datuk Oknha Othsman Hassan help to resolve a suitable location in Phnom Penh to build a dormitory for students who are studying at universities in the capital. According to his director, who said that “for the construction of dormitory this at least need the land, about 3,000 squar meters, but in any case that t gain a bigger land we are will our plan to build large buildings in harmony an according to the land area as well as the value of the land, and in the dormitory which was also going to have to support both the cost of the materials studied, the daily food, shelter, most suitable, such as branches in the countries that is running well.”


In response HE Datuk Oknha Othsman Hassan has gives a high value for the Education Sector Support Project, we represent the leaders of the Muslim community will support the search for a suitable location that suits with the project.