Tourism workers are protesting the decision to divide the people of tourism companies

Said the beginning of the tourism sector source, that there is an internal dispute between the workers in the tourism sector and the Chamber of tourism on their opposition to the unified tourism law which is being prepared for the Union and tourist rooms with the Ministry of Tourism in order to issue a decision on the division of the people of tourism companies, a conversion companies to specialized companies, both in his field as follows: a special ticketing companies only have the people and creates a private and foreign companies for tourism only and creates a foreign tourism companies and the Division of religious tourism and creates a special division and tourist transport companies and establish a tourism transport Division.

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The source added that the meaning of this decision is the issuance of a separate division and in doing so must all Division Two to enter the room, there is a law has been issued and has no right for each of the nominated or appointed for two Mttalten to run for cycle again, and accordingly will be run for the people and successful form room tourism and so are working on the issuance of this decision to change the law so that the benefit and the possibility to run and stay in position for the longest on the “chair” room and the Union.

The source added about the negative effects of this decision that would threaten the continuity of the existing small businesses sector because it requires high financial ability to extract new business record and a letter of guarantee for each company division.