The delegation of ASEAN Community friendship tour 2015, led 40 vehicles convoy from Malaysia passed through Thailand and Cambodia

Cambodia Halal tour

Phnom Penh: A delegation of Malaysian tourists about 110 people have convoy about 40 vehicles left from the land of KUALA BARANG , TERANGANU State, Malaysia, on 23 August 2014 across Thailand towards entering Poipet international Cambodia border on 25 August 2014 and took overnight in Siam Reap then continued to Phnom Penh on the night of 26 August 2014.

This tourism is a reflection of building friendship relations and cooperation between Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia and also towards the signed Memorandum of Understanding on strengthening of Islamic tourism in ASEAN. Moreover, this trip is about sharing culture and civilization between Malaysia and other countries in the ASEAN community.

In the same night, H.E DATO TENGKU PUTERA TENGKU AWANG state representative TERANGANU, MALAYSIA, the chairperson of delegation also invited to have a courtesy call and signed on Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Cooperation of Islamic tourism in ASEAN with H.E Dato Oknha Othsman Hassan, Minister attached to Prime Minister of Cambodia and President of Cambodian Community Development Foundation Organization.

H.E Othsman Hassan expressed a great thanks to Malaysia delegation for the Solidarity’s visit, , and considering the visit is its encouraging loyalty and respect toward each other closely from the people of Malaysia, Cambodia, as well as nations that are in the ASEAN community of the people who live in the one community, One Destiny.

Along the visiting, tourists delegation also brought some humanitarian distribution to the poor community in Siam Reap, Kg Thom and Phnom Penh Cambodia.

On the afternoon of 27 August 2014, after having a courtesy call with H.E Othsman Hassan and solidarity dinner at City restaurant hosted by H.E Minister, the delegation also invited to visit Al-Serkal mosque, the only one International mosque in Cambodia locate in the central of Phnom Penh city and to have a group photo in front of mosque.
The tourist delegation has leaved Phnom Penh along the national road 5, entered through Poi International border Cambodia-Thailand, and continued the visiting program in Thailand for 2 more days until August 30, 2014 then leaving to Malaysia and end the program