the cold weather to 10 degrees at Preah Vihear area

Preah Vihear: since December 1, 2014 until today, the weather on the backs of Preah Vihear with very cold temperatures from 10 -15 ° C, but national and international tourists continue to visit the temples every day.

The officer in charge of the Preah Vihear National Authority on the back of the temple,Mr Chan Chon has informed last morning of 23 December 2014, when the weather cold night on the Temple from 10 degrees to 13 degrees. Part of the day, from 13 degrees to 15 degrees C .
he added that, even if the weather is cold, for local and foreign tourists also continues to visit 1 of 100 to 200 people each day. The health problems of the forces in the temple is also not a problem, despite the extreme cold weather also, just have a cold little less alone.
Please note that the border between Cambodia and Thailand, there is nothing remarkable, with usually calm .