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Cambodian Tourism Minister announced a tourism potential in Cambodia in the International Travel Expo – China 2016

H.E Thong Khon, Minister of tourism of Cambodia in the occasion of his participants to the International Travel Expo – China 2016 was held from July 11-12-13 November 2016 has announced ¬†a tourism potential in Cambodia.On that occasion, Cambodian Minister also signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation of Tourism with Li Zin Zao, the ¬†president of China National …

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Bangladesh : Discover a unique experience

28, August, 2014. 5:53pm During the yearly south Asian monsoon, almost all the water collected by the Himalayas in Nepal, north/northeast India and Bhutan transits through Bangladesh on its journey to the Bay of Bengal, depositing life-giving minerals to the soil all along the Ganges Delta, the largest river delta in the world. It is here that the mountains literally …

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