Sa Ang Mountain

Sa Ang Mountain - Kandal
Sa Ang Mountain – Kandal

Saang Phnom is located in Saang Phnom commune, 23 kilometers from Takmao, or 34 kilometers from Phnom Penh. To reach the site, travel along new National Road 21, which was constructed during the Khmer Rouge regime, via Tuol Krosang plain. From Takmao, new National Road 21 meets old National Road 21 at Wat Chhoung Leap, Rokar Kpus commune. The distance is about 12 kilometers. From Wat Chhoung Leap drive 5 kilometers to Saang district market and look for a trail on the right. Go another 2.5 kilometers until you see the pagoda gate. Turn right and go another 2.5 kilometers to reach the hill.

There is a pagoda at the top of the hill. Saang Phnom has fewer trees than Phnom Thon Mond, but a big lake surrounds the hill, and there are many Rumchong and Prolit flowers (a kind of white or yellow water lily with a long edible stalk). The lake is full of fish, and many visitors enjoy taking boat rides and fishing. During the rainy season, Saang Phnom looks like a small forest island. The air is cool and fresh there. Recently, the provincial tourism services, working with local authorities, planted more trees and improved security and sanitary conditions for tourists. The site is especially popular during traditional festivals and public holidays.