Rabbit Island

rabbit-islandRabbit Island is a small tropical island located about 20-40 minutes south of Kep by local boat. The island is blessedly undeveloped and lacks most services except for some rustic bungalows and a couple of rudimentary beach shack restaurants. Secluded white sand beaches dot the edges of the island, backed by a hilly coconut palm interior. Most services are near the west side beach. The surrounding waters are relatively clear and warm, offering some snorkeling opportunities around the rocks. Coral is scarce but colorful fish abound.

You can stay on the island or make a day trip of it – go in the morning, lounge on the beach and return to Kep in the afternoon. Rooms/bungalows on the island run $10 or less. Arrange a boat trip to the island through your guesthouse in Kampot or Kep or just go to the Koh Tunsay Boat Dock in Kep town next to the Long Villa Restaurant (see Kep map on page 113.) Boats are almost always available. A round-trip trip to the island and back runs $20 for the whole boat, so bring some friends to split the cost. The round-trip price is the same whether you stay a few hours or a few days. Tour operators and guesthouses in Kep offer day packages starting at about $7/person inclusive.