Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall

Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall - Rattanakiri
Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall – Rattanakiri

Ou’Sean Lair Waterfall is situated 26 km, South of Banlung. This Waterfall has 4 floors and the height of each floor is 4 m. The water flows throughout the year. Around the Waterfall are beautiful natural landscapes and the visitors can go take a bath if they wish.

Ou Sean Lair Waterfall is one of the popular waterfalls of this area. It can be counted among the top tourist attractions in Ratanakiri. A large number of travel enthusiasts visit Ratanakiri each year. The province is located in Northeastern Cambodia.

Its capital is Banlung. The word Ratanakiri is derived from two Sanskrit words and means mountain of gems. The rich wildlife and remote tribal villages draw a number of tourists who come here looking for a thrilling vacation. There are a number of splendid sightseeing destinations including mountains, lakes, structures and waterfalls. This province is divided into 9 districts. Visit the Ou Sean Lair Waterfall, Ratanakiri for a memorable experience during you trip to the beautiful Cambodian province.

Ou Sean Lair Waterfall in Ratanakiri is located 26 kilometers south of the provincial capital of Banlung. Ask at the lodge where you are staying if they organize tours to this destination. The waterfall has 4 floors. These make for a spectacular sight when you are looking at them from a distance. You can take photos of Ou Sean Lair Waterfall to remember your experience by. The
height of each of the 4 floors is 4 meters. Surrounding the waterfall there are beautiful landscapes. You can also go for a bath in these falls. Make sure to take some precautions while bathing here.

At the Ou Sean Lair Waterfall, Ratanakiri water flows throughout the year. You can enjoy the beautiful sights around the site. On the way to Ou Sean Lair Waterfall, Ratanakiri you will see exotic villages and mines. You can go through the mines looking for precious metals. A visit to this place is a memorable experience for most travelers.