Malaysia hotels targeting the Islamic tourism market

The Indian businessman Abdaljamil visited Malaysia for the first time, and paid a visit to the idea of ​​a vacation is offering cultural views and detailed service to suit Muslims.

He says: «everything is easy for a Muslim who vacationing here, it’s easy to get halal meat». Abdaljamil was 0.62 years, sitting in a park in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and two of his children, and said: «certainly would be good if there were more hotels where there are facilities, Islamic. This will make me come back again ».

Since 2000, doubled the number of visitors Muslims to Malaysia more than 3 times to up to 5.5 million visitors, surpassing the increase in the total number of tourists, which nearly doubled, according to government data, as the fund pilgrimage Malaysian established in the past year, hotels in accordance with the legal provisions in the state of Terengganu in the northeast of the country. By 2020, the tourism market will expand by 52 global Islamic percent to 192 billion dollars, according to a report published in 2012 by the research firm JD Standard (in New York) and Crescent Ratnj (in Singapore).

The possibility of attracting more of this type of tourists is behind the government’s effort to put the rules to take advantage of the global Islamic tourism market estimated to be worth up to 126 billion dollars. In an interview on February 24 in Putrajaya, the administrative capital, said general manager Zulkifli Muhammad: that under the proposals put drafted for the time being the center of Islamic Tourism, will be encouraged to hotels not to provide alcoholic beverages, and food is prepared in line with the legal provisions (such as the method of slaughter and failure to provide pork), as well as compel men and women using the swimming pools at different times.

Large market

In an interview in Singapore on February 19, said the preferred condiment Dean, founder and CEO of Crescent Ratnj, a company to research Islamic Tourism: «We are witnessing a growing interest from several countries, especially in Asia, want to become closer to Islamic transactions. This large market is experiencing rapid growth, and can even compare the Chinese market ».

Tourism companies in Malaysia, the third largest economy in Southeast Asia, since the active period to benefit from the funding resources that are consistent with the legal provisions. In 2012 collected airlines billion Malaysian ringgit (306 million dollars) through the sale of instruments that have no fixed maturity. During the previous period of the current year rose versions of instruments denominated in Malaysian Balrengjit by 62 percent to 9.5 billion ringgit (ie, a little less than 3 billion dollars), according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

It is noteworthy that about 71 percent of the shares that are being traded on Bursa Malaysia are considered to be from companies committed to the legal provisions.

Government established a tourism hub of the Islamic order to assist the Ministry of Tourism, which is working to develop guidelines with new operators, hotels and guides Alsaahin and travel agencies, also said Zulkifli, said: It is scheduled to be completed draft mode this year, and will not be binding, on the grounds the goal is to be a guide for hotels that want to become closer to Islamic transactions.

And alternative travel destinations

The government estimates that the number of Muslim tourists in Malaysia will increase to 6 million in 2014 and 6.5 million in 2015, also said Zulkifli. He said that Muslims have taken and are looking for alternative destinations for travel since the atheist attacks of September 2001, which sparked the fear of Islam.

He added: «if the hotel owners and travel agents in Malaysia and clamped down on their marketing efforts and re-adapt their facilities of the Interior, will receive the economic benefits they are looking