Joint cooperation between Egypt, Jordan and Palestine to promote Halal tourism

The Director General of Tourism and Travel Agents Association of Jordan, Mohammed al-Qawasmi, The State of Jordan is currently doing a joint cooperation with the states of Egypt and Palestine, to promote the field of religious tourism in the revitalization of these countries, because Egypt has considerable experience in the field of tourism.

He Qawasmi, in an interview, “Today’s guest” program which is broadcast on the channel, “Arab tomorrow” that Jordan Tourism Board is currently working on state support to be a popular destination for religious tourism.

Qawasmi explained that the Jordanian government is working to open new markets, to activate the field of tourism, as well as it works on the development of the labor market in the tourism product through the promotion of tourism in all its forms, as well as the subject of the application of standard procedures in the state.

He stressed that Jordan Qawasmi interested in the field of tourism, because the state has no oil compared with the Gulf States, pointing out that the private sector working with the public sector in tourism promotion