Indonesians flock to Singapore

JAKARTA: For the second consecutive year Bali and Singapore lead as the most popular destinations for flight searches during the Indonesian Lebaran holiday travel in 2014, according to latest Wego.Com assessment.
While the majority of flight clicks were for domestic destinations with Bali at the top of the board, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur registered second and third overall on Indonesia’s Wego.Com travel comparison site.
Although the Lion City was most popular overseas destination, Malaysia, Anak indonJapan and the Netherlands made the largest gains in “travel intent”, with their share of flight searches increasing by 40%, 23% and 63% respectively.
Flight searches for both Thailand and China fell by 20% compared with Lebaran 2013, with the former possibly affected by the political activity in the previous few months.
“The ratio of domestic and international flight searches remained similar year-on-year,” commented Wego managing director Indonesia, Graham Hills. “This could be more reflective of tradition as Lebaran is the key time for Indonesians to visit with family; which is dominated by land transport options such as train, bus and private vehicles.”
Lion Air, Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Sriwijaya and AirAsia were the top airlines domestically, with AirAsia, Lion Air, Tiger, Malaysian Airlines and Garuda Indonesia most popular for outbound flights.
“This is good news for Lion Air in particular, regaining their position after slipping dramatically in 2013 by 59%,” Hills added. “AirAsia also regained their top position over both Garuda and Malaysia Airlines last year.”
Hotel searches show the most popular destinations for accommodation registered for Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta, with Singapore in fifth position.
“Bandung accommodation received around 20% more share of hotel searches year on year and both Malang and Bogor were fast movers.”
“On average Indonesians spent USD73 per night on domestic accommodation,while Singapore dominated internationally with an average room rate of USD159, averaging three nights.”
“Mobile searches contributed strongly to Lebaran travel planning this year,” Hills continued. “Wego’s travel app for iOS registered as the number one travel app in the country in the iTunes store a few months prior to Lebaran, and in the 30 days leading up to the holiday, mobile visits showed an impressive 40% increase over previous years.”

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