Halal food in Cambodia greeting for the presence of Cambodian Prime Minister in Ramadan Iftar dinner of Cambodian Muslim


On July 18, 2014 at Diamond Island there was the Iftar Dinner ceremony for the holy month of  Ramadan which served by trusted Halal food that considered  as historical event for Cambodian Muslim was presided over by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, the prime minister of Cambodia and Samdech Kittiprittbandit Bun Rany Hunsen.

The above event, they found many government top leaders , including Senate deputy,  Assembly deputy, excellences as Deputy Prime Minister, Senior Minister, minister, secretary of state, undersecretary of state, ambassadors, authorities distinguished guests that representatives from the organizations companies board Imam of province and districts, gentlemen and students total around 1,400 participants, those who were some of the non- Muslim participated in this gathering Ifter pleased to have a similar Halal food following to Muslim participants.

Greeting speeches by H.E Oknha Dato Othsman Hassan,Minister attached to the Prime Minister of Cambodia, chairman of Ramadan Iftar Dinner committee, he said that, on behalf of the Muslim community and my own i have a honor  to express my appreciation outstanding welcomed and warmly greeting with thankful   to valuable present of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Samdech Kittiprittbandit Bun Rany Hunsen in the Iftar dinner of the holy month of Ramadan  for Cambodian Muslim hosted by  the Royal Government of Cambodia . This to prove that the top  management of Royal Government of Cambodia really friendly with the general population without religious  discrimination and prejudice, and is a cold shade environment views of the peace of Muslim in  Cambodia  with warmly and harmony . H.E Minister added that, the fasting (Saum)  is required to every Muslim and Muslimah to perform this obligation, even children need to learn as possible. to prevent the fasting completely, all performers need to fast  from bad word and speech and from the affecting of bad feelings of others. fasting also need to  immerse and  avoid discrimination or overzealous members of the community to create a collaborative environment on the urge to do good deed and prevent evil. fasting  is abound with the poor in need of food or vulnerable. fasting is to establish good relations with its neighbors, who live in society even from any nationalities or religions.

H.E Dirar Nasir Al- Duvaijery, ambassador of the state of Kuwait in Cambodia said that, The holy month of Ramadan is the holiest and most important month in the Islamic calendar, it is the month when the Quran’s (the holy book of Islam) was bestowed upon the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the meaning of Ramadan is about values of Islam. such as sympathy, peace, patience, faith, cooperation, dedication, honesty, love, caring, sharing and charity predominate our daily lives beside praying and fasting. For Muslims around the world, fasting the holy month of Ramadan does not mean refraining from food and drinks, but rather, it is to prevent us also from all sins and evil acts of our lives.

Since my arrival to the Kingdom of Cambodia about two and half years ago I witnessed closely the religious tolerance, harmony, peaceful co-existence and cooperation between Muslims and Buddhists in this country, which makes it a role model for other countries can follow.

Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN expressed in his speech while seating together with Samdech Kittiprittbandit Bun Rany Hunsen that, this is the start of the 1st year  and we will meet up each year for this important event.  Samdech HUN SEN added that,  In fact, this ceremony does not mean that the Royal Government of Cambodia gives attention to Islam for the first time, but throughout the national restoration and development process after the 7 January liberation day. The Royal Government indeed has given equal attention to Islam and other religions by helping construct mosques, ensuring the freedom to Islamic practice especially establishing the Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affair. On this basis, Islam in Cambodia has achieved significant progress and stood on equal footing as Islamic religion the region and the world. To appear the supporting to the fasting of Islamic religious, In fact, fasting or monasticism exists in all religions, but the practice varies from one religion to another. Fasting also varies from one religion to another – at night time, in day time, within a limited period, for whole life, while some religious monasticism allow the intake of only vegetable or forbid egg. In spite of different practice of monasticism of different religions, their objectives of monasticism or fasting are not much different. Overall, fasting in Islam and other religions are to find peace of mind and stability which eventually leads to peace and stability in family, community, society and the whole nation. Samdech Techo added.

Indeed, the significant achievement that Muslims have made since the liberation day almost 30 years ago has based on the favorable society with peace and political stability and great attention from the Royal Government of Cambodia. Having said that, it is clearly shown that the remarkable achievement we have made so far is not a simple case because while Cambodia made tireless efforts to rebuild its nation by starting from zero or even below base after 7 January 1979, we need to harmonize among all the religious people in Cambodia’s land. Our concerted effort has led Cambodia to receiving full peace and national unification, and Cambodia could also be able to integrate herself with international      communities  in regional and sub-regional frameworks, having good friendship and     cooperation with all countries and we have received great supports for the development of Cambodia,      including the promotion of Islam religion in Cambodia, Prime Minister said.

Overall, Cambodian Muslims   does not only survive from the ruin period that religious belief or practice was   almost completely destroyed     and then they live happily and peacefully, but other achievements in Islamic religion have also re-surged significantly. As a result, Muslims living in other countries are now travelling to visit Cambodia and bring along with aids in the form of the assistance affiliated with religion and humanitarian to Cambodian Muslim and their communities in Cambodia, Prime minister added.