Giant-sized ships carrying tourists more than 2,000 multinational dock at international ports Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville: from 7 am on December 04, 2014, a giant-sized ships carrying tourists multinational airbag docked at 0, about 300 meters from the international port of Sihanoukville as planned.
Mr Sheang Leang , director of the Immigration Police International Port Sihanoukville, said by phone on the morning of 04 December 2014, the giant-sized ships above named SAP PHIRE PRINCESS nationality British length is 288.33 meters and long 37.33 meters of 1,091 guests 53 of mixed nationalities, Australia were 826 people, the largest number.
Mr Sheang Leang said that this ship was traveling from Vietnam International toward international Port Sihanouk of Cambodia, and continue to Thailand and went at 3 pm and 30 pm the same date.

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