Few Saudi takers for Haj guide jobs 

Numerous job opportunities open for Saudis every Haj season, but there are very few takers for them.
Marwan Khashoggi, deputy general manager of Haj Bus Syndicate in Madinah, said Saudi young men have not registered for any of the available jobs at his office during this Haj season.
Speaking to Arab News, Khashoggi said the office is currently seeking to employ more than 1,000 Saudi young men to work as guides on buses during the season.
“The coordinating body for pilgrim associations (Tawafa) opened its doors A-police-man-wishes-a-turkistani-hajito receive job applications from Saudis last month. We are looking to hire Saudis for the seasonal jobs which the Haj season provides for them,” said Khashoggi.
He said that distinguished and outstanding guides would be awarded experience certificates in addition to bonuses amounting to SR6,000 during this Haj season.
“Applicants can fill out a form at the syndicate’s office accompanied with a copy of ID,” he said adding that all the applications will be scrutinized by a special committee and reviewed according to several criteria including previous work experience in the field and a good knowledge of the roads and main streets of the city.
“This project implemented by the office is under the supervision of the Haj Ministry and one of a kind in the region,” he added.
He said the project aims to employ national cadres, creating job opportunities for the Saudi youth.