Muslim Cambodia

Muslim in Cambodia

INTRODUCTION Kingdom of Champa: 192 – 1835. The Cham lived on the coastal area of the present day Vietnam, from Hoanhson (Porte d’Annam) to Vinh Tau / Vung Tau (Cape Saint – Jacques) in the south. Champa was one of the highly civilized “Malay” Kingdoms in Southeast Asia. DISPLACEMENT OF THE CHAM Champa people were progressively displaced from their territories …

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History of Champa

The history of Champa begins in prehistory with the migration of the ancestors of the Cham people to mainland Southeast Asia and the founding of their Indianzed maritime kingdom based in what is now central Vietnam in the early centuries AD, and ends when the final vestiges of the kingdom were annexed and absorbed by Vietnam in 1832. Prehistory The …

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