Cambodian Muslim community prays (Salat) to supplicate for safety the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370

Phnom Penh: Around 1,000 Cambodian Muslims gathered today (16 March 2014) after praying at noon time (Zuhur) to pray Salat to supplicate to Allah Al Mighty to grant the safety for the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 at Nurun Na Im Mosque located on Kilometer 8 village, Chraing Chamres 2 commune, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh city of Kingdom of Cambodia. The event was joined by H.E Ouknha Othsman Hassan, Minister attached to the Prime Minister, advisor to Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia, and Secretary of State of Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training; and H.E Zakaryya Adam, Minister attached to the Prime Minister, along with other Muslim leaders working in higher position of Government as Secretary of State, Under Secretary of State, head of Muslim NGOs, associations and hundreds of Muslim villagers living in Phnom Penh city.


The prayer was held after being informed about the sad news on missing Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines MH370 on Saturday 8 March, 2014. The plane departed from Kula Lumpur at 1.30 am with 249 passengers on board in direction to Beijing, China. After half an hour, the MH370 was lost from radar of air traffic control in southern China Ocean between Malaysia and Vietnam. To present time, it is over a week that the search mission was done by 14 countries using ships, planes and radars. But the result was still in missing.

On behalf of Cambodian Royal Government, Minister to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State of Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, H.E Ouknha Othsman Hassan expressed the deepest concern to the missing Malaysian airplanes MH370. The praying today is an act to express the pity, love and compassion from whole Cambodian people in contribution of sharing problem of friendly country, especially Cambodia and Malaysia are the same member of ASEAN country which its vision is One Community, One Destiny. That’s why, for any case of crisis or devastating in one country, another country must involve resolving it even by material or spiritual way.

Moreover, Malaysia always assists Cambodian People especially in field of education and charitable donation. That’s why, the people of Malaysia and Cambodia are considered as the brothers and sisters who always share happiness and problems. This tragedy is a great concern of Muslim living in Cambodia. The Muslim community can only pray Dua to Allah Al Mighty to show the way leading to find the missing Malaysian Airlines Plane and to bless with safety return home to all passengers.

The religious gathering was organized not the first time but many in this Buddhist country. It shows that governing of Cambodia whose Prime Minister is Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen open freedom to all religions. All Muslims in Cambodia have full rights to practice their religion with no any trouble from other faiths.
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