Brunei is to build a strong relationship with Cambodian Muslim Community

Cambodian Muslims leaders  from the government institutions, employers and different organizations were  invited to celebrate the 31th National day anniversary of Brunei Darussalam on 23th Februay 215 held at Ruffle Hotel  which also presented by diplomatic  corps of many countries and national and international institutions invited to this event as well.

Because of the closely relationship between Brunei with the Muslim community in Cambodia, H.E Zakryya Adam the Muslim leader as a minister attached to the Prime Minister in charge of Islamic affair and deputy of Highest council for Islamic affair Cambodia  also invited as honored in this anniversary day to express the brotherhood of the people of the both countries, especially the Muslim community in Cambodia   with population of Brunei. Also In the presence of H.E Sos Mohsin  Secretary of State of the Ministry of cult and religion  and madam.