A official contract with “Tufah” to provide special services for pilgrims

A continuation of the talks expanded delegation of the Ministry of Tourism and the Chamber of tourism companies in Saudi Arabia in preparation for the pilgrimage season

The chambers of companies and Raft Foundation Arabia unified contract for services pilgrims all Egyptian companies and Muttawifs .. The contract Cambodia Hajjincluded details of services provided to each level of pilgrimage tourism “5 and 4-star and economic and land” of the quality of meals and buffets and specifications of the camps of both Arafat and Mina.
It was also agreed for the first time on the reduction of services exaggerated and entertainment in all camps pilgrims tourism sacred feelings to providean atmosphere of worship for pilgrims and not hold them the cost of services is not necessary and the Palace of those services only to those required of pilgrims and by request from the company to the Chamber of Tourism.
The signing of the contract to complement the efforts of the delegation composed of the Ministry and the Chamber of companies headed by Mustafa Abdul Latif, First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Nasser Al-Turki, deputy chairman of the chamber and chairman of the religious tourism and Basil Sisi and Ihab Abdel-Aal and Ala subsea Committee members and Osama Amara Secretary-General and the Commission’s decision was preceded by the signing of the contract lengthy meeting with the institution eligibility for pilgrims Mtovi Arab states in the presence of Mohammed Almaageny Vice President of the Foundation and a conciliator Khouj Bureau chief executive of pilgrims Egypt and the presence of all the Muttawifs .. during the meeting, review all the negatives and the problems that occurred last season to avoid them and find solutions to them, as had been agreed on some important points on services performed for pilgrims in the Egyptian tourism feelings in Mina and Arafat.
The meeting fruitful discussions and cooperation from both sides .. has been praised Mustafa Abdul Latif cooperation shown by the Great Raft Foundation and Muttawifs and responsive to the demands of the Egyptian side, and their eagerness to achieve the comfort Egyptians
The Nasser Turki need commitment Muttawifs and Egyptian companies contract unified between the room and the institution and private services, the feelings of Mona and Arafat in terms of prices and specifications mentioned contract for all levels of pilgrimage tourism and stressed that no Mtov impose any services redundant versus additional funds for the agreed and pointed out that in the case of a request of any Additional services company for the flight level (4,5) star the company submitting a request to the room so, where is the room to study it and submit it to the Raft Foundation to take the necessary action .. also confirmed Mohammed Almaegene Vice President of the Foundation on the failure to collect any sums Office helicopter in excess of the amounts provided for in the consolidated
Has lifted the room to report to Mustafa Abdul Latif head of mission for the formation of a joint committee with the Ministry and the room and Raft Foundation to make sure the commitment of companies and Muttawifs services described contracts and not to overstate the additional services in order to devote himself to the pilgrims for worship and in the case of a violation will be taken legally required towards the violator.