513 tourists «Ethiopia, Indonesia» visiting «tourist attractions» Assiut

Received Assiut, and a delegation of tourism component of 513 tourists from «Ethiopia, Indonesia» to identify the most important landmarks preservation of historical and archaeological sites, especially the Monastery of the Virgin Bdrnkh which saw during the past few weeks to celebrate the visit of the Holy Family of Assiut «According to Osman al-Husseini, director of the Regional Organization for the revitalization of the tourism».
Husseini said, in a statement on Sunday: The delegation visited the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Bdrnkh which is one of the most important and oldest monasteries in the world and it meant many tourists for its association with strong flight of the Holy Family and Christ .. he said, adding that the delegation is composed of 500 Ethiopians and 13 Indonesia visited the monastery and attend celebrations, and they bring some of their own musical instruments for their participation in the performance of religious rituals.
The Director of the Tourism Promotion Authority has been providing accommodation for tourists and distribute souvenirs to get to know the province of Assiut, and promotion of tourism in Upper Egypt.