Wat Joy T’maw

Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham is counted among the topmost tourist attractions in Kampong Cham and is visited by thousands of travelers from all over the world. You will be simply mesmerized with the beauty of the place which has retained its colonial flavor with élan. Among the many temples in the region the Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham is a must-visit as one can see the quintessential flavor of Angkor architecture captured in all aspects of the temple. The Wat Joy T’maw is a treat for the eyes and the art lovers will be pleasantly surprised to see the intricate patterns and minute sculpture which speaks of the brilliance of the sculptors. The Wat Joy T’maw in Kampong Cham is one of the temples which have elaborate wall paintings which elaborate on various topics like life, death and afterlife.

The Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham is positioned on the northern end of the River Road and one see the beautiful Mekong River from the temple complex. After visiting the lovely temple you can sit beside the Mekong River and enjoy a family picnic. The Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham has remained close for a long period because of the Khmer Rouge massacre. The temple complex of Wat Joy T’maw, Kampong Cham has been used a hiding place for the local people during the wars. Wat Joy T’maw has been the seat of knowledge in the ancient times and Buddhism gradually spread to various regions of Cambodia including Kampong Cham.