The Committee of Tourism Development discusses the efforts of developing Cambodia’s tourism sector with a sophisticated and sustainable nature

12-10-2017, (Phnom Penh): The four major agendas related to the tourism sector are the Tourism Development Commission of the Royal Government of Cambodia, which oversees progress and discusses the implementation strategy of a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism on 12 October 2017 presided over by Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Council And participated by the members of the Tourism Development Commission as Secretary of State, Under-Secretary of State of relevant ministries and some provincial governors.

After the meeting Mr Tith Chantha Secretary of State at the Ministry said that the Tourism Development Committee meeting held to review the progress of implementation of the Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012-2020 that the Commission has the responsibility advancing constantly monitor the implementation of the Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012-2020, focused on the agenda 4 Key points include: 1: Draft guidelines on residence tourism (tourism), 2: Preparation of management and tourism development in the City and surrounding areas, 3: Strategic planning, development of eco-tourism, mining, and 4: Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012-2020.

The plan is to meet the increasing number of national and international tourist arrivals by 2016, Cambodia receives more than 10 million domestic tourists, 10 percent increase, and 5 million international tourists, up 5 percent, bringing in revenues of approximately $ 3,400 million, contributing about 13 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). By 2020, Cambodia is expected to receive around 7 million international tourists and about 15 million domestic tourists, which will generate about US $ 5 billion in national revenue and create approximately 1 million direct jobs.