Religious tourism is the future of Egypt

The religious tourism Aim to promote inbound tourism to visit the holy places, whether Jewish or Christian or Islamic, and Egypt has a lot of those holy places, which comes to much from the outside, and especially what is owned by the Sinai from the effects of the history and events, for example, the Sinai has traces religious degree of great importance, they are linked in terms of the three monotheistic religions, on the other hand have roots over different historical eras.

It must be doubly important efforts that are related to religious tourism, everyone in Egypt or outside touched longing and great attention to the desire of many people in efforts to facilitate religious tourism in general and the facilities that are related to Sinai in particular, which saw theaters prophets throughout the ages, and that they have many analytical studies conducted by scholars, has led this research to attract the attention of the people and their hopes in a private visits.
As confirmed Mohamed Raafat, the owner of a tourist companies, and the competent religious tourism, the Ministry of Tourism does not bother religious tourism, and it done in coordination with the companies and make them thread, to resolve the crisis and revitalize tourism, and especially that of religious tourism are very few, perhaps limited to Iqbal Shiites Hussein Mosque, especially from Iran.
The student Raafat, the ministry that publishes cultural awareness religious tourism, and also it has to form a committee to discuss the crisis, and work programs for places tourist religious with the unification of fares, and rely on the element of propaganda overseas, as well as the tourist attractions in Egypt are not eligible to receive tourists.

Raafat pointing out, that the presence of virus “Ebola” does not affect the religious tourism and pilgrims to go to Saudi Arabia, on the contrary economic conditions are affecting the religious tourism in Egypt, and the lack of visas for pilgrims.

In a related context, it was agreed with his view odd Mohammed, head of the Union of Arab Advisors, that the Ministry of Tourism to organize programs and trips to visit the mosques, churches and temples, and a lot of tourist places, and especially in the Sinai.
The strange, that the Ministry of Antiquities also have a role in promoting tourism when the job tourist visits to mosques and churches are free, to boost tourism, commenting that there are also many negative impact on the field of tourism in Egypt, especially during the current period and current events, and, of course, led to it to many postpone or cancel trips.