Muslim Cambodia Attended in the Victory Day January 7, 1979-2015

A large number of Cambodian Muslim community on January 7, 2015 was attended to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Victory Day January 7 1979-2015 which attended by the general nation of Cambodia and international Authority.
This ceremony  also called Victory over Genocide Day or Nation Day. Since 1979, it is the anniversary of the day that Cambodian people won the bloody regime of the Khmer Rouge with the help of Vietnam’s military.
During the nearly four years that Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge ruled the country, there are about two million innocent people were killed.
Many Cambodians said that they value this day as their second birthday because their lives were saved from the bloody regime of the Khmer Rouge.
Victory Day is celebrated with patriotic speeches by government officials, remembrance services for the victims, as well as cultural displays of the era. Some major activities in this anniversary are public meeting, kite flying festival, etc.
Before starting with honor speech of Samdech Heng Samrin honored as Chairman, there was an impressive performing of Cambodian Classical Music and dancing gathered from the mixed ethnic in Cambodia included Cham Muslim traditional Performance.
During the ceremony, besides the participation of the top leaders of the government and the diplomatic corps, there is the top leaders of the Muslims such as Oknha Sos Komri director of Highest Council For Islamic Religious Affair Cambodia, H.E Othsman Hassan, Minister Attached to The prime Minister, H.E Zakarya Adam, Minister Attached to The prime Minister and Deputy of Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affair Cambodia, accompanies by few Secretary and Undersecretary of state from different Ministries of Cambodia.

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