Kantuy Ko

Kantuy Ko - Stung Treng
Kantuy Ko – Stung Treng

Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng is a place that works as a sanctuary to plants and animal here. If you want to take the pleasure of fresh air and greenery then this is the place to visit. In fact that is the reason why travelers love to come here year after year. In fact it is one of the most visited sightseeing spots in Stung Treng. Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng is quite near to the Samki Village.

That is why you can access Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng from the village. This serves two purposes. One is you will be able to interact with the village people and the other of course is to explore the sanctuary. The collection here is a very good one. You will find all kinds of animals here.

Travelers will be able to reach Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng very easily from the center of the city. The animals that are available here include many endangered species as well. You will find tigers and other mammals. There are various kinds of reptiles here too.

As far as the plants are concerned, you will find a number of varieties of them here. Kantuy Ko, Stung Treng is definitely one of the perfect Tourist Attractions in Stung Treng that provides a combination of knowledge and thrill. The Indochinese Tiger is one of the main attractions here. It is one of the endangered species in the world.

Like other attractions in Stung Treng, this one too promises a few wonderful moments. You can capture those moments in your camera so you can refer to them later