Islamic Tourism Sector in Indonesia Well Supported by Local Government

Indonesia: OIC countries member agreed   on Islamic Tourism   to more serious in developing this Islamic Lifestyle Industry. Indonesia, which until today has 12 Islamic tourism destinations is more heavily promoting Islamic tourism in various parts of the region.

KONFERENSI-PARIWISATA-SYARIAHIslamic tourism destination that generally found in remote areas of a country, assessed must have a strong working relationship with local government. According to the chairman of Indonesian Islamic Hotel Association (Ahsin), Riyanto Sofyan, Islamic tourism will not run without the support of local government.

He said with the support of local government, all matters relating to regulations and policies in the areas of Islamic tourism can be accommodated sharia. Among them is to create rules that could push the fulfillment facilities for Muslim travelers.

According to Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy sharia, Sapta winandar, until now there are 14 areas in parts of Indonesia are ready to cooperate to succeed sharia tourism development. The support of the local government is getting real gradually. Among them is the province of West Java which subsidizes about 3.000 halal certifications for Islamic business industry. Additionally, Bandung, a city in West Java is also trying to become a halal tourist area.

The government in West Nusa Tenggara also confirmed ready to support national Islamic tourism. One of the efforts done by regional governments is to straighten public perception of Islamic tourism sector. West Nusa Tenggara is known as the city of a thousand mosques. In addition, the Muslim numbers in this area quite a majority of 90%.

Sharia tourism sector will now be seriously developed by the OIC Member States in order to develop the national economy of each country, which in turn will impact on the global economy.

In the 2-day conference mentioned one of the keys to success is the promotion of the Islamic tourism sector sharia massively. Among the most effective media campaign is using social media such as YouTube and use word of mouth promotion strategies.

Islamic tourism sector is one of Islamic lifestyle industry. Islamic lifestyle sector consists of Islamic and tourism halal cosmetic and culinary, Muslim fashion etc. are considered able to work together with the Islamic financial sector. Data from Dinar Standard indicates that the potential of Islamic lifestyle sector to penetrate 1.6 T USD in 2012 and will increase to 2.47 T USD in 2018. Special in East Asia, the largest Islamic lifestyle industry market today is Indonesia with more than 235 billion USD.