Cambodian Cultural Village


Cambodian Cultural Village (CCV) is located in Siem Reap along National from Angkor Wat Tample. With a total area of 210.000 mater square, CCV assembles all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, local customs and practices of all races. There are 10 unique villages, which represent tourist will be able to enjoy with traditional dancing performances in different style such as Apsara Dancing ¬†performances in different styles such as Apsara Dancing, Traditional Khmer Wedding Ceremony, Historical Of the Angkor period show “The greatest King Jayvarman 7 Show”, performance of ethnic minorities from Northeast of Cambodia “Choose Fiance Show” and “Water and Fire choosing Show”, Performance of minorities from Northwest of Cambodia “Peacock Dancing”, Performance of Khmer original people “Khantremming Dancing “, and more